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NZ Investing Platforms Compared

I wanted to once and for all figure out what the cheapest investing platform is in New Zealand so I decided to compare Sharesies, InvestNow, Hatch, Stake, ASB Securites and Jarden Direct. You will soon see that it is not as easy to compare them to each other since they all offer slightly different services and the type of investing you do determines which platform will be the best option for you.

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Sharesies Logo Sharesies Pricing


InvestNow Logo

If you scroll down on the FAQs you will see a question regarding InvestNow's fees: InvestNow Fees


HatchInvest Logo

Hatch Pricing



Stake Pricing

Interactive Brokers

Interactive Brokers

Interactive Brokers Pricing and FX fees

ASB Securities

ASB Securities

ASB Securities Fees
ASB Securities Exchange Fees (scroll to bottom)

Jarden Direct

Jarden Direct Logo

Jarden Direct Pricing

Fees Calculator

This will calculate the total amount of fees paid over the lifetime of the investment. This includes FX fees, withdrawal fees and brokerage fees for each trade (in an out). For each country, the currency is assumed to be in that country's currency (exchanged at the current market rate) before applying the FX fee. For example X NZD becomes Y USD at the current exchange rate and then the % FX fee is deducted from Y.


So after all that if you want a simple guide on which platform to choose for your investing scenario, have a look at my recommendations below:

For NZ Investing:

For AU Investing:

For US Investing:

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