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Best Savings Bank Accounts NZ - October 2021

This is a very comprehensive list of all the savings bank accounts in new zealand with a handy sort feature. Check it out here: Read Best Savings Bank Accounts NZ

Investing Plan - September 2021

This post is a list of 7 rules I have come up with to guide my month-to-month spending, investing and saving. Check it out here: Read Investing Plan

Rule #1 Investing - August 2021

This my summary of Phil Town's book "Rule #1" which is the best stock market investing book I have read to date. I go over all the main points and how to know which businesses to invest in to achieve 15% per year or better. Don't believe me? Check it out here: Read Rule #1 Investing

NZ Investing Platforms Compared

This article goes through in detail all the major investing platforms in New Zealand and I attempt to find out which one is best in most scenarios: Read NZ Investing Platforms Compared

NZ Herald Hack - September 2020

This is a hack I made which allows you to bypass the "Premium" subscription on the nzherald.co.nz website. Read NZ Herald Hack

Rewardia Hack - September 2020

This is a hack I made for the rewardia.co.nz website which is able to automatically play games to earn points which can be converted to real money. Read Rewardia Hack

Abortion is Murder - July 2020

This is a formal argument against abortion which also answers many objections supported by solid references. Read Abortion is Murder